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  Bronze Metal Powder

      Bronze Metal Powder is an alloy consisting primarly of Copper and the addintion of other metals (Such as Zinc, Aluminium, Manganese or Nickel)  Our products are produced by using European Technology with a high technological, modern machine process, combined with the know-how of our experienced staff enables products to be made consistently with optimal quality and with environmental awareness in mind. Miracle Metal Co., Ltd. aims for customer satisfaction and technical service support.                                                                                


Technical Data Sheet
    TDS of Bronze Powder 4
    TDS of Bronze Powder 80
   TDS of Bronze Powder 7
    TDS of Bronze Powder 90
   TDS of Bronze Powder 10
    TDS of Bronze Powder 120
  TDS of Bronze Powder 55
    TDS of Bronze Powder 250
TDS of Bronze Powder 70

Our Shade
Our Bronze Metal Powder we can provide normal shzde and special shade and customize the shade as customer requiremenat  our normail shade are Copper, Pale, Pale Rich Pale, Rich Pale. Rich  and for the special shade are Lemon, Pastel, Orange, Fire Red and Antique.



Our Grade
We Can supply bronze powder in various grades such as Grade 4, Grade 5,Grade 7, Grade 10, Grade 55, Grade 70, Grade 80, Grade 90, Grade 110, Grade 120    and     Grade 250


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