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       Miracle Metals Co.,Ltd. is a supplier of non-ferrous metals such as Titanium, Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum, Niobium, Zirconium, Bronze Gold Metal Powder and Others. For each of non-ferrous metals, we provide more type of it such as Sheet,Plate, Rod, Tube, Wire, Powder, Strip, Target, Crucible,Boat, Ring,Screw,Nuts etc.

ไททาเนียม Titanium


Characteristic Of Titanuim

  • It is light, the density is 40% of the stainless steel, and the specific gravity is 4.5g/m3 .
  • The hardness is 2 times of the stainless steel and the common steel and six times of aluminum.
  • It is corrosion resistant and restless. Even if it is in great salt, it is also corrosion resistant. Therefore, it is also used in chemistry, sea water desalting equipment, seawater cooling equipment in power plant, glasses and watch
  • The thermal conduction velocity is similar to the thermal conduction velocity of the stainless steel.
  • Comfortable tactility, tactility of titanium is gentle and smooth without icy sense of other metals.
  •  Non-irritability material: Titanium is the innocuous material to human body . It does not generate anaphylaxis to human body, and is the minor metallic material used in human body.
  • It is the environmental protection material to the terrestrial environment; in the functional metal, titanium is only inferior to aluminum, iron and magnesium and rank the fourth of the reserves and it is the reclaimable material.

     Enterprise Goal: Keeping a foothold at Titanium 

     Products Forward to the world To create
    top-lever of the industry.





   Characteristic of  Tungsten

  • Tungsten has great amount of excellent characteristics, such as large in specific gravity, high in melting point, large in rigidity, excellent in thermal and electric conduction performance, heat resisting, wear proof, corrosion resistant, stable in chemical property and more, The melting point is as high as 3380 degree centigrade, Many parts of the present high-tech products, such as aviation jet engine, rocket, missile and satellite are made of high temperature alloy of tungsten.
  • Adding tungsten into steel can improve high temperature strength, rigidity and resistance to corrosion of steel. It can be widely used in metal cutter and in heat resisting and pressure withstand parts of gun, cannon, tank and other weaponries in war industry.
  • Rigidity of tungsten is high. However, tungsten carbide tool-compound of tungsten and carbon element is much higher; it is much harder than the tungsten steel and can be compared with the diamond hardest in the world. The hard alloy made of the tungsten carbide tool has advantages such as high rigidity, good wear ability and high temperature resistant. It is used in metal removal cutter, drill, aiguilles, bulldozer, perching knife of bulldozer, size reduction machinery and more. Even the small aiguilles used by dentists are also made of hard alloy.
  • Tungsten also has great thermal electron emission performance; therefore, it is also the important material to manufacture communication, broadcast, television, radar and other equipments, luminescent material of kinescope, fluorescent screen of x ray equipment and fluorescent lamp are also tungsten compounds, In addition, tungsten is also widely used in textile, fuel, paint pigment, ceramic glaze, pigmentation and other industry domains.


Characteristic of Niobium

Niobium is a shiny, white, ductile metal.In air an oxide layer forms whose color depends on its thickness.Shades of blue, green and yellow are typical. Niobium resists corrosion due to the oxide film.The metal starts to oxidize rapidly in air at 200 oC. Niobium’s chemical properties are very similar to those of tantalum. Niobium is one of the five major refractory metals (metals with very high resistance to heat and wear). The other refactory metals are tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum and rhenium. 
Uses: Niobium is used with iron and other elements in stainless steel alloys and also in alloys with a variety of nonferrous metals, such as zirconium, Niobium alloys are strong and are often used in pipeline construction. The metal is used in superalloys for jet engines and heat resistant equipment. Niobium is also used for jewelry. At cryogenic temperatures, niobium is a superconductor.


Characteristic of Zirconium

  •  Zirconium (Zr), the metallic zirconium is also called zirconium sponge with silver gray color, steely surface and luster; 1852 degree melting point,4377 degree boiling point, 6.49 density. Zirconium is easy to absorb hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen; zirconium has strong affinity to oxygen and volume of oxygen can air; the powder zirconium is easy to burn and the thin zirconium thread can be burnt by the match. It can be directly combined with the oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen under high temperature. Zirconium is relatively soft and mainly used to manufacture bulletproof alloy steel, and can also be used as the coating alloy of uranium fuel in the reactor; It is easy to emit electro under high temperature and is also used in surgery cutter and other industrial applications.
  •  Metallic zirconium has extraordinarily outstanding nuclear performance, It is mainly used as the nuclear industry reactor materials (it does not absorb the neutron). Nuclear power station and Nuclear submarine of our country will consume great amount of zirconium each year, zirconium is also a kind of hard metal with more than 1800 degree melting point. Melting point of the zirconium dioxide is as high as 2700 degree. The performance in all directions greatly exceeds titanium, and it is the aerospace material more precious than titanium. The zirconium alloy is used to manufacture container and manometer tube of nuclear fuel in nuclear submarine. As long as millesimal zirconium metal is added into steel, the rigidity and high temperature resistant degree shall be stupendously improved. It is the important material to manufacture panzer, tank, cannon and other arm. Brisance and burning area of the ammunition can be increased after adding zirconium. The principle is to generate strong opt thermal effect and great energy through action of potassium per chlorate and zirconium.
  • Metallic zirconium has stupendous corrosion resistance performance and high melting point, superlight rigidity, intensity and other characteristics. The product is widely used in aerospace, military project, nuclear reaction, atomic energy, medicine and other domains. Corrosion resistance performance of the corrosion resistance and fire resistant titanium product used in “Shenzhou 6” is not as good as zirconium. Melting point of the titanium product is about 1600 degree, however, melting point of zirconium is more than 1800 degree and melting point of the zirconium greatly exceeds titanium in all directions and it is the aerospace material more precious than “titanium” .As the rare titanium family element, zirconium has extraordinarily outstanding nuclei performance. It is mainly used as the nuclear industry reactor materials and it is also the important material to manufacture panzer, tank, cannon and other arms.




Characteristic of Molybdenum

  • Molybdenum is a kind of metallic element; it is usually used as the additive of alloy and stainless steel. It can improve intensity, rigidity, weld ability and tenacity of alloy and it can also improve high temperature resistant and corrosion resisting properties. Therefore, it is widely used in petroleum pipe line, aerospace, military project and other industries.
  • It is proved by experiment; which is one of the outstanding features distinguishing molybdenum from other heavy metal. Unique performance of molybdenum alloy make it possess a great variety of purposes.
  • High heat generation component, radiation shield, extrusion die assembly, forging die assembly and more.
  • It is used in clinical diagnosis X-ray anode.
  • It is used in electrode and part of corrosion proof glass furnace.
  • It is used in radiator of semiconductor chip shock absorbing pad and the thermal coefficient of expansion can be compared with silicon.
  • Sputtering layer, it is only a few (10-7mm) thick and used in gate and connection of chip.
  • Spraying coating is used in auto plunger and machine parts to reduce friction and improve abrasion.



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